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Insurance Line Insurance Review

Note: Everything stated in this review are not from Insurance Carve's opinion. Instead, it is a summary of many reviews posted by users in forums, reviewing websites, etc. Refer to our Disclaimer for more details.

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Insurance Line Insurance

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Life is very unpredictable and Insurance line understands this very well. This is why they aim to provide the best insurance services for all the people of Australia. Insurance line is the number one life insurance provider in Australia and through their highly professional services; they provide their customers a peace of mind.


Funeral insurance, life insurance, income protection, pet insurance, cancer insurance, bill relief


The staffs are generally very professional and will help the customers in the best way they can. The call representatives are very informative and can provide all the important information required for the customer to choose the policies wisely.

Their basic plan starts at around $2 per week which is far cheaper than most other insurance companies. This is a very useful feature for families with small budgets. Claims are approved straightforwardly and the turnaround time is generally very small. An advance pay out of up to $10,000 can be issued once the claim gets accepted.

Quotes are very easy to make and all the work can be done easily with the help of s customer support staff. Complex procedures are generally not required, making them very user friendly.


One major drawback of Insurance Line is that they provide insurance for people only in the age group 18-65. Anyone younger or older than this cannot get insurance at Insurance line. This can be somewhat of a problem for people with family having small children, because they will have to find another company.


Insurance line is a trustworthy brand with a goal to provide the people of Australia with the best possible insurance. They provide high pay outs to the customers. The only major drawback is the age limit for getting insurance which can prove to be a bit annoying at times.

The Terms and Conditions, Policy and Disclosure statement should be read very carefully before signing up for anything. If there is any doubt, you should consult the call representatives of the company and ask them to clarify it for you.Insurance carve deems Insurance Line as a company worthwhile to purchase insurance from.

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Phone Number: 13 77 87

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InsuranceLine Pty Ltd
L3 / 4 Martin Place
Sydney, NSW

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Posted 161 days ago
We have had our pet insurance with Insuranceline for nine years now. Last week I received the annual renewal policy. I was shocked to see my monthly payment had gone up from $74.80 to $103.90. I obviously thought that Insuranceline had made a mistake in calculating my monthly premium. When I called up to ask if a mistake had been made, the lady from the call centre said the payment was correct and they had taken into consideration the dogs age, her bread and what vet bills and medical treatment she might need in the next year. I thought this was very unfair and asked to speak to a supervisor as I wanted the payment reviewed. After waiting on the telephone for ten minutes I eventually spoke to the supervisor. She was no help at all, she quoted that once the underwriters review my pets policy they cannot under no circumstances review the policy again, even if the customer has made a request for them to do so, and you will have to wait for the next underwriters review in a years time. I was extremely upset, nine years I have been with the company and have been a loyal customer... obviously Insuranceline doesn't care about that, all they care about is the money they can make off you.
Unfortunately my pet is too old now to switch to another pet insurance company, they wont touch her because of her age. So I have no choice but to go along with the price increase or cancel my policy. So please be very aware of this company , because the will rip you off.
Posted 728 days ago
I signed up for Insuranceline's "Income Protection Plus" policy in March of this year because I was feeling some instability in the industry. The main reason I signed up is for the redundancy cover which covers you for 75% of your monthly income for 3 months. Anyway, I signed up and provided my savings account details and it was all good.
In September I received a letter saying I was in arrears because they couldn't deduct payments from my account, which is strange because there's always funds in my account. I called them and they said they would try it again. I gave my bank details again to make sure the payments were made. I called my bank and they told me there were no unusual transactions in my account and no payments were rejected for anything.
In October I received another letter saying they couldn't deduct payments again. I called Insuranceline again to give my bank details and asked them to try again. My online bank account says there's plenty of funds to cover the $70 monthly payment.
At the end of October I received a letter saying my account is in arrears again. I called Insuranceline to re-provide again my bank details, and there's plenty of funds there and there's no restrictions on my bank account.
On November 1 I was made redundant by my company. It didn't worry me because I thought I was covered. On November 4 (the following Monday) I called to make an insurance claim for redundancy. The lady was really nice and she mailed me a claim form and told me to wait out the waiting period (1 month) and the payments will be made the month after, so 2 months overall. HOWEVER, On November 6 I receive a letter saying my PLAN HAS BEEN CANCELLED!! What the hell?! So, this insurance company will cancel a policy once you try to make a claim?!!! Three times I provided my account details! I called to make a claim and the lady didn't say my policy was in any arrears in any way! Then two days after I inquired about my claim, they cancel my policy!!! I've contemplated the situation and my guess is Insuranceline had some beforehand inside information about my company laying off people and purposely didn't deduct the monthly premiums so the policies will be cancelled.
Posted 1285 days ago
insurance line is one big con job, my father and mother are 80 years of age, been paying fund for 12 years now they have been told that over the next 10 years they will have to pay another $50,000 to get buried plus 5% inflation every year on top, just for 2 $9,000 funerals. and my parents is now going to cancel fund and pay for 2 funerals out right from the funeral home, anybody that buys one of these funds would be better of putting money each week into a savings account and your funeral could be paid for within 10 years not 40+ years or more, insurance line your are a insult to the intelligence of all australians you are ripping people off