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Coles Insurance

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This Australian company is in partnership with Wesfarmers General Insurance Limited. They offer people with great quality of car and home insurance with nice competitive prices. They are Australia's biggest retailer, ranging from merchandises, groceries, liquor, fuel and financial services.


Car insurance, home insurance.


Coles Insurance play simple without any tactics. They offer so much protection that one ought to give at least one consideration to them. The company is always praised for their cooperative and intelligent staffs. The paper work of the firm is neither complicated nor confusing. The staffs are always willing to help customers go through any confusion created.

Members have often ended praising the company for quickly issuing claims.

One of the benefits you can't overlook is the tripling the value of the standard 4c Coles fuel discount, as well as earning triple FlyBuys points.


A few complaints have been noted about the firm making small errors. The staff sometimes bluffs by saying that they would call the next day, but in fact, it is the customer who calls back after a week or so.

Some clients had to really fight hard to prove that they were helpless to stop the damage. Sometimes they even have to provide confidential documents that were embarrassing in nature.


The firm has a good reputation in the Australian market. The company mostly collects appreciations from its clients. It provides many benefits such as fuel discount, and bonus FlyBuys points that can be earned for joining.

Before making the final signature it is advised that you carefully read all the documents. All the fine wordings in the corners should be taken care of. In case of any confusion, search for an insurance advisor or call the helpline number for help.

Insurance Carve deems Coles Insurance as a company worthwhile to purchase insurance from.

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Phone Number: 1300 265 374

Email Address: N/A

Coles Insurance
Wesfarmers General Insurance Limited
PO Box 16042
Collins St West, Victoria

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Posted 839 days ago
It's very terrible insaurance i hav seen. wen it comes to claim handling and service .they don't reply lot of delays .I won't recommend this insaurance
Posted 1559 days ago
I have so much to say about this insurer.
Posted 1559 days ago
Confirming the comment of negative feedback: even the party readily admit the mistake-- Coles tried to avoid the decision of who's at fault until an evidence that was clear and embar -BLOCKED- ing for the insurer was pointed out. You must know the pds and your rights.
Posted 1980 days ago
So true. Hosnety and everything recognized.

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