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ANZ Insurance Review

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ANZ Insurance

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ANZ Insurance provides a large variety of insurance products for all Australians, no matter what their individual needs are. It is easy to get a quote, and customers can even apply for a policy or a premium on the same day. All their covers can be activated and start functioning immediately without any extra days of waiting.


Car insurance, credit insurance, life insurance, home insurance, contents insurance, travel insurance, loan insurance


The greatest thing about ANZ Insurance is their friendly staffs that are always delighted to serve you as a new customer. No matter in a branch or over the phone, the customer representatives are always nice, kind and even offers valuable advice about the perfect insurance for each of their customer?s needs.

Coverage is very comprehensive if compared to other insurance companies that offer insurance at a similar price. There are no excess to pay for small damages such as scratch wheels and cracked headlights. The repairer does great job if cars are damaged, and can be fixed after a few days, sometimes even just one.

Discounts are available if multiple policies are bought under different contracts. Members can then pay for their insurance either yearly, or after every month. This procedure is beneficial to people with a lower income that can?t pay all their bills within the same go.

There are many success stories of claims being made with the money being sent to the member?s account within days after getting approved.


The only downside that caused complaints to be sent in is their prices. Even though they may be a bit expensive, you are truly getting what you paid for.

In some rare events, claims can take a while to get reviewed, especially during periods when natural disasters are high.


ANZ Insurance is one of the major firms of insurance in Australia that many people have looked up to. Many great offers, discounts and coverage are offered with their policies. There are also no excess fees, and the repairers are one of the best in the nation.

Remember to check your Terms and Conditions and Product of Disclosure Statement in order to fully understand what you are paying for. If there is something you are not sure of, contact the support line or seek professional advice from a financial adviser.

Insurance Carve deems ANZ Insurance as a company worthwhile to purchase insurance from.

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Phone Number: 13 13 14

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